We want terracing back!

Last updated : 15 January 2006 By Ross Mcclung
Rant mode....

Why the hell aren't we allowed a basic right to stand at a football match? Who in the right mind thinks that football fans want to sit in a cheap bit of plastic in the freezing cold in a half empty box built characterless stadium!?

Well apparently, we do. According to the SPL (remember them - the most forward thinking group of people around don'tcha know) the fans WANT all seater stadia and we are HAPPY having it.

Sorry but thats utter p1sh and we all know it. Yes, there are a few people who like to sit down, and I'm sure the main stands we used to have were perfect for them. But what's stopping us having a stand converted back to terracing? Why not have an all standing section? Surely correctly policed and organised such facilities would be an asset?

I simply don't buy into the " all seater stadia are safer" nonsense. If there was a fire - would you rather evacuate an all seater stand or a terrace? Thought as much.

Anyways - rant mode over. However, rather than sit back have a moan and do what all good pars fans do (moan and groan and do naff all), we've decided to take it into our own hands.

The admin team here at Dunfy mad have started an online petition. All fans of any club are welcome to sign it (even Falkirk fans - might find a use for a terracing gazebo after all).

Pass it on to your friends, let's see if we can get the SPL to listen to the fans - just this once.