'Sexual Predator'

Last updated : 24 January 2008 By Pars Mad
The title says it all really. This guy would try with your gran if you took her to the pub. The SP has more female's phone numbers than the local phone book. You have the Major who spews regularly and the SP is famous for falling asleep on location. Whether it is the Lizzy or in Dundee the SP is famous for having a wee 40 winks whilst out and about with the FRL. The SP is another who likes a jar or ten and would rather lurk in the background rather than step into the spotlight. The SP may sometimes be referred to as 'the wallpaper' as he tried to blend in and not give too much away. The SP is the grimmest pool player amongst the group and has succumb to refusing change from the bar in a bid to refrain Stevenson from winning the killer pots. The self protest is doing him more harm than good as he see's his dreams of becoming a professional pool player diminish or fade into the night quicker than a Major spew.