Last updated : 24 January 2008 By Pars Mad
Ilhan as he is best known to most members of the FRL is another native of Cardenden. When not frequenting East End Park Ilhan can usually be found in Piets playing the guitar or on location somewhere with local band The Reign. Ilhan is one of the founder members of the FRL and was part of the ill fated 'Glenrothes Three' that embarked on an end of season swaray to the said town the day it is believed the FRL were founded - all the way back in May 2006. Ilhan is an easy going fello and is one of the mellowest characters amongst the group. If not on tour with the FRL, the Reign or in the Tavern then Ilhan can be found in Carden Castle Avenue supping on a braw cup of char as he would put it. Ilhan is a tom tom technician by trade and an FRL member by destiny.