Ground Farce From Firhill

Last updated : 15 January 2008 By Pars Mad

What about those rugby twats eh!? What a right bunch of muppets that lot are! The nice, gentle, stand-up-guy Partick directors kindly offer the Glasgow Warriors egg-chasing side a loan of their pitch for a couple of years and what do the dosy halfwits do? Forget to turn on the undersoil heating and cost Partick a wad of cash, disappointing thousands of us fans into the bargain. The Partick board are raging, something must be done about his fiasco they say. Too right eh, surely 100% of the blame lies with the rugby geezers, nobodies fault but theirs, definitely not Partick's surely…fuck off!!!

To me, the only thing more pathetic than calling a Scottish Cup game off with an hour-and-a-quarter to go until kick off has to be the downright shoddy and laughable attempt by Partick's corporate mouthpiece fanny, whoever this clown is, to pass the buck onto the SRU groundsman, in turn attempting to absolve the club of any blame or wrongdoing. They fucked up plain and simple! It's another amateurish mistake indicative of the diddy-league persona that Scottish football has. OK, so Partick aren't the only club in Scotland skinter than a beggar whose just has his collection pot nicked and, yes, sometimes clubs have to utilise ways and means of generating extra dosh. But for fucks sake get a grip. It may be an SRU groundsman who failed to turn the undersoil heating on ahead of Saturday's planned outing but are the muppets in charge of Thistle really that fucking stupid?!! Think about it; it's their ground, their side were playing on Saturday in a match sure to generate a fair bit of wonga, and by Friday night it was that cold that icicles were hanging off most blokes' bollocks. Surely one quick phone call to check the heating had been turned on wouldn't have gone amiss, would it have caused that much bother?! Or is this just a case of far too much common sense?

Listen, I don't really give a shit about the money I wasted on the train fare through to weegieland on Saturday, I've wasted a lot more on other things - mostly nutjob burds! - but what really pisses me off is that if it hadn't been for dosy load of Burger King workers or me being a twat and misreading train directions/times then I'd have been on my way to the ground when I got the call telling me the game was called; in short I wouldn't have had a fuckin scooby until I'd have arrived at the ground. A fate which, no doubt, encountered many a Pars fan on Saturday afternoon! Some say two thousand were set to travel through - I find that hard to believe by the way - but one things for sure, you'll be lucky if there's a travelling support of just over two fucking hundred next Tuesday! I for one can't make it, work and general skintness puts a stop to that pipe dream, and I've no doubt countless other Pars fans will be in the same boat. As it happens I ended up having a decent sesh on Saturday afternoon watching Jeff and the lads in a pub was no doubt a lot warmer than I would have been standing out in the bollock-cold at Firhill.

But due to the downright incompetence of the Partick board both teams will undoubtedly lose out on a fair whack of cash and fuck knows if Partick can afford to -I'd take a wild guess and say they can't - but we could certainly do with the money, that's for sure! It's easy to use the 'big boy did it and run away' pish and blame every cunt and their guinea pig before accepting blame as the Partick board have. Well done knobheads, you've done what no-one would think possible and embarrassed your club even more in this debacle, tremendous! No doubt the groundsman will get the punt and you board members will go on acting the big men and apportion blame to anyone else you can possibly manage. I hope you all sleep well at night lads, like...mind and switch the heating on first though eh!